Custom Finishing

Its not only how you start, its how you finish. Our finishing pros will create a color or stain that moves you. We can color match any shade imaginable! If matching a special picture frame of blending a custom color to compliment your new granite is desired we’ve got you covered!

Our 13 step finishing process is unlike anyone else. Our finishing crews bring decades of experience to your project; time and attention to detail equal perfection.

    1. Each piece is hand sanded to a smooth and flawless surface.
    2. All dust is fully removed
    3. Pre stain or primer is applied
    4. Color matching stain is hand applied with a brush or towel
    5. Products are allowed time to penetrate wood surface
    6. Sealer coat is applied
    7. Sealed products are lightly hand sanded with very fine sandpaper
    8. Catalyzed varnish or lacquer is applied
    9. Products are allowed time to dry in a dust free, temperature and humidity controlled environment.
    10. Products are again lightly sanded
    11. All dust is fully removed
    12. A second coat of catalyzed varnish or lacquer is applied
    13. All products are fully inspected and polished to perfection

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