The best way to provide a client what they truly desire is to build exactly what they are thinking. We offer several different construction techniques to accommodate every taste, style or preference.Below you will find a brief example of some of our construction standards and cabinetry styles.

Cabinetry construction styles:

Face Frame Construction

Our most versatile and popular style, this construction technique provides our customers with an open book when it come to configuration. This time-honored construction method has been used for centuries and is considered by many the superior way to build.

Frameless Construction

If modern design suits your taste then this is the construction style you will love! This sleek and seamless look provides and elegant and clean look to any household or business. Essentially, this style means that there is almost no cabinet body showing around or between the door and drawer fronts.

Commercial Grade

American Woodcrafters provides a full line of commercial grade cabinetry for use in restaurants, offices, hospitals or any professional atmosphere. The material utilized in this construction can be, and sometime required to be of a certain brand, texture or specific criteria such as glue type.

American Woodcrafters is proud to put our name on everything we build. We offer superior materials and architectural details that complement our building standards, unless otherwise requested all of our cabinetry will posses these common traits:

  • 3/4” Solid hardwood face frames
  • 3/4” Plywood box construction
  • 7/8” or 3/4” Solid hardwood doors and drawer fronts
  • 5/8” Drawer box construction
  • Top of the line hardware
  • Top of the line fasteners & adhesives

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