CaesarStone Countertops/ Engineered Countertops

About Caesarstone

CaesarStone® is the original quartz surfaces primarily used for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.
CaesarStone is 93% crushed quartz, one of nature’s hardest minerals. The quartz is combined with high-quality polymer resins and pigments and then compacted under intense vibration, vacuum, and pressure into dense, non-porous slabs. The slabs are post cured, gauged to precise thickness, and polished to an enduring shine.Although long used for the finest residential countertops, CaesarStone is now offered as an attractive and versatile finish for commercial and institutional buildings. Our quartz surfacing is tough enough for the wear and tear on just about any interior surface, and beautiful enough for every architectural and decorating scheme.
CaesarStone natural quartz surfaces offer numerous advantages over other natural stones. Quartz has a hardness of seven on the Mohs scale (this measures the hardness of a mineral), a diamond is the hardest at ten. The material is also cleaner, safer and more consistent than that of other surfaces. In addition to its superior performance, CaesarStone has greater consistency than natural stone which is veined and prone to flaws.

Performance Comparison

In tests of flexural strength, compressive strength, impact strength, water absorption, and freezing compressive strength, CaesarStone came out the clear winner against natural stone.

Flexural Strength Impact Test Water Absorption Compressive Strength Freezing Strength
Flexural Strength
Impact Test
Water Absorption by Weight
Compressive Strength
Freezing Compressive Strength
(after 25 cycles)
CaesarStone 515 135 0.02 2200 2082
Marble (Botticino) 60 29 0.55 2161 2082
Granite (Rosa Fiorito) 134 61 0.33 1921 1906
DIN Standard 52112 2234 52103 52105 52104
Head-to-Head Comparisons
CaesarStone vs. Marble 8.5:1 4.6:1 27.5:1 1:1 1:1
CaesarStone vs. Granite 3.8:1 2.2:1 16.5:1 1.1:1 1.1:1

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