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Fixtures and Faucets


Are you in the market for a new kitchen faucet? Choices for a kitchen faucet are more interesting and varied than ever before and they can really add to the decor of your kithen. Besides a faucet’s features, size, style, and finish are also major considerations.

Whether you are replacing an older faucet or adding a faucet to a new kitchen, there are some basic things you’ll need to know before buying a new faucet.

The main types of kitchen faucets are:
  • Single Handle
  • Dual/Two Handle
  • Pullout Spray Styles (on either single or dual handled faucets)
  • Wall Mounted
  • Bar Sink Faucets
Single handled faucets allow for quick and easy water control using just one lever, whereas dual handled styles have separate controls for hot and cold water. You may prefer the convenience, or the look, of one over another, but it may help to try out these types at a showroom, model home, or even in a friend’s kitchen before you make your selection.
Pull-out spray heads may be the most-requested feature in a faucet. As handy for washing vegetables as they are for cleaning the sink, a spray offers the flexibility of targeted spraying with maximum water pressure. Though a few older spray models were heavy and tended to “droop” out of their sockets with extended use, newer models have largely solved this annoyance. Note: A smaller, traditional side-mounted sprayer, usually with a reduced spray volume, can also be added to any faucet set-up simply be adding another hole in the sink for it in the installation.
Reach is a factor to consider when purchasing a faucet. For example, a high arc faucet may have a very limited reach across the sink basin, which could make it less convenient to perform some tasks unless using a pull-out spray.
Spout height has grown in recent years. Low-end faucet spouts are nearly horizontal. Newer looks include many styles of arched spouts that can soar a foot or more above the countertop. These not only make a grand design statement, but look graceful and can be handy for filling large pots.
Style is another important consideration for a kitchen faucet. Kitchens with traditional cabinetry will look great with faucets in a vintage look, whereas sleek cabinetry calls for a contemporary design faucet.
Finally, finish is a hot topic for faucets. Today you’ll find appealing kitchen faucets in shiny chrome, brushed nickel black iron, vintage-look aged bronze, copper, brushed brass, and more.

TIP: Be sure to order all of your faucet parts at once – including side sprayer, hot water dispenser, sink drains, drain covers, soap dispenser, and the like – so you’re sure each element is available in your chosen finish.

Convenience features include water purifiers and touchless or tap-on controls, though these options are generally not widely available in every finish.

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